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Jodie Stanely

City of Greensboro
Education and Outreach Coordinator, Human Relations Department
Born of second-generation missionaries with roots in Japan and Canada, Jodie Stanley was born and
raised in Bolivia, South America. Her ability to speak Spanish led her to a career with the City of
Greensboro Human Relations Department in North Carolina where her current responsibilities as
Education & Outreach Coordinator include Language Access, supporting the City’s human rights
commissions, coordinating Fair Housing outreach efforts, providing inclusion and diversity training, and
organizing reentry support efforts for those with criminal records through an initiative called Thrive
GSO. Recalling the feeling of being an outsider and understanding the power of effective
communication, Stanley found the most fulfillment in managing the City of Greensboro’s Language
Access Plan. Over the course of three years, her ability to create, network, and inspire empathy resulted
in the successful implementation of effective employee training, creative problem solving and increased
awareness about the needs of Greensboro’s immigrant residents.