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Millie Chu

Global Detroit
VP of Global Entrepreneurship and STEM Talent
Detroit, MI
Millie Chu is the Vice President of Global Entrepreneurship and STEM Talent at Global Detroit and spearheads the Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence (Global EIR) program. Through Global EIR, Millie supports international founders in the high-growth, advanced technology industry by providing a pathway to establish their business in Michigan, create new jobs, attract investment, and improve economic prosperity for our region. In addition, Millie oversees strategic approaches for the Cultural Ambassadors program and the Global Talent Retention Initiative (GTRI) to cultivate diversity and inclusion through international student retention. Prior to Global Detroit, Millie has provided personalized consulting and growth strategies to over 400 organizations, assisted in launching over 65 startups, and taught business and international entrepreneurship for 10 years at Michigan colleges and universities. She utilizes her background in entrepreneurship consulting, higher education, and building entrepreneurship ecosystems abroad, to generate economic growth and create an innovative economy for Michigan.